Blue Blocks


Imagination Playground is a mobile play system made up of big blue blocks in many unique shapes and sizes.  

Climbing Wall

Our climbing wall is an obstacle in itself. It is a horizontal rather than a vertical journey to explore. Children love to climb, because stuff, trees, furniture are there… simply to increase their visual field.

Balancing Bike

A Balancing Bike is a beautifully simple type of bike designed to teach very young children how to balance and steer. Because kids feel secure, their natural curiosity kicks in and they quickly learn to steer and to balance.

  • Zumba Classes

    Zumba for kids and moms too… Zumba is a fusion of a Latin dance with aerobic exercises but most of all fun and healthy exercise option for all ages. these. Zumba teaches children to lead active lives, body coordination in fun way of exploring the world of dance. all we want to teach our kids […]